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I lived my life as a child; with tiled stoves, with brothers, a cat and mosquitoes in the yellow, old house in Värmland (a Swedish county). My high school life as a very shy sexteen-year-old in the American South, among Spanish moss, the moist heat and with crickets playing in the nights. I have been living the exciting, good life of the backpacking interrailer in southwestern Europe. And I have lived in Catalonya without a phone, with a two-minute shower every other day. With goat's milk and wonderful people in the christian, ecumenical, international organization Yout With A Mission. I have lived a life in Forshaga, across the street from the photo shop where I had my first employment.

I have spent months in a boat of the size of a Volvo 245 (do you remember the Volvo cars?) in which I crossed the northern North Atlantic Ocean (the world's smallest boat ever to cross the northern North Atlantic against the prevailing winds).

In the nineties, I built a house, planted a hundred fruit trees and dug in the finest garden soil. I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback who every day would pestere until he got  me out for a walk in the mountains. I remember how the two of us would sit close together at some height,  enjoying the life and the view... 

I have had the privilege to sing together with a violin and a grand piano and give concerts with music of the  composer and pianist Hans B Granströms  across Sweden.

I have portrayed deans of cathedrals, head teachers and governors, and I have lived the suburban life of Stockholm.

 I've become a mother to an artistic son. Together with him (and my mother) I have after close to three decades, returned to Catalonya to discover that it really was the most beautiful place I experienced on earth. 

Now I live with my man and son in Järna, fourty kilometers south of the Swedish capital, and in an old house next to the river Klarälven in Värmland in the summers. 

And as red threads throughout these lifes of mine, is my desire for God. My longing for beauty. For simplicity and for authenticity.

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